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Have you done your emergency plan?

Take Control when an emergency occurs.

Having a plan to be prepared before, during and after an emergency or disaster is critical for the well being of you, your family & friends, your business and the community. Get Prepared have produced a range of home, business and travel emergency plans and checklists that are accessed via you’re phone or computer anytime.  Once you start your plans you can save and return later to review and keep them up-to-date.

Prepare your Home

You need to prepare many things around the home before, during and after an emergency or disaster.

Home Emergency Plan

Your home might be a family home, group of friends living together or a share accommodation.

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Prepare your Business

As a business owner you are more and more exposed to natural disasters.

Business Continuity Plan

It is critical for your business to protect its financial well being.

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Prepare for Travel

Being prepared for emergencies while travelling is as critical as being prepared at home.

Travel Emergency Plan

As a traveler you need to get prepared for your trip both in your country and over seas.

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Access many critical checklists and energency plans

Being prepared for emergencies and natural disasters is becoming more and more critical in our personal and business lives. This is highlighted by many recent natural disasters events around the world. Our checklists and emergency plans will provide information for your household, your family and staff to understand their responsibilities during a disaster.

Get your home, travel or business emergency plan now!