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About Us

Working within the disaster management industry as both a staff members for Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) and a volunteer with the Queensland State Emergency Services (SES), I appreciate the need for our community to be more resilient and prepared.

Being prepared for emergencies and natural disasters is becoming more and more critical in our personal and business lives.  This is highlighted by many recent natural disasters events around the world.

Getting prepared may mean developing an emergency plan for your home or business, preparing an emergency kit for your caravan or training your staff to understand their responsibilities during a disaster.

To assist you with emergency and disaster planning and preparation I have developed this website www.getprepared.com.au  which will continue to provide plans, checklists and other information and resources for your home, travel and business.

Emergencies and extreme weather events can occur any time throughout Australia and effect us all.   The more prepared and resilient we all are as individuals and businesses the faster we and our community will recover.

Get your home, travel or business emergency plan now!