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For Business

As a business owner you are more and more exposed to natural disasters.   It is critical for your business to protect its financial well being and the well being of your workers and the community.  The best way to achieve this is to prepare an Emergency Management Plan.

Have you considered:

  • what hazards and risks your business might face if a disaster occurred?
  • you would do if your business was flooded and you lost all your computers and documents?
  • what training in disaster management do your staff have?
  • where will you and your employees meet if they get separated?
  • what are the local emergency contact phone numbers?
  • your business first aid kits, how many and are they up-to-date?
  • your evacuation drills and scenarios, and have you and your staff practiced them?
  • your financial plan and whether your business can continue immediately after an event?

These and many more plans need to be considered for your business.  Contact us to discuss this and to get access to your Business Emergency Plan.

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